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An Open Letter to the Terrorists

Dear Terrorists,

Seeing as how there are now countries so fraught with disasters that body bags are on their short lists of desperately-needed items, do you think you might give the suicide bombings a rest and do something useful with your lives?

I'm looking at you, Zarqawi.

Much obliged.

* * *

Work: Work was good, today. I typed mostly ENT reports. And we do get Friday off.

One of our doctors spelled out this word on a tape--menisitis--referring to something pertaining to the jaw, near the TM joint. We haven't a clue what the man actually meant. I'm guessing mastoiditis, but what is one to do when the man spells it out, and it's still not a word? I have to admit, I'm relieved I didn't get this particular report. I need to ask P whether she blanked it or came up with the correct word. I'm curious.

Medical Transcription Word of the Day: sertraline - the generic name for Zoloft.

Earthquake/Tsunami: I'm not really sure why I typed this heading. There really isn't much to say, because the horror is almost numbing. However, I did find an aid organization: USAID. I haven't visited the website, yet; only saw it listed on the news.

Gaming: My copy of the D&D 3.5 players' handbook arrived, today. Time to roll up a character. I'm now awaiting a book called Complications: A Surgeon's Notes on an Inexact Science.

TV: Looking forward to House, MD tonight, along with Dog and a rerun of Crossing Jordan.

Bus: Someone on my bus route was collecting signatures for a petition to request that the Bellfort route have buses every 12 minutes during rush hour. I don't think we have a snowball's chance in Hell of getting buses that frequently, but I could be quite satisfied with having them come at least every half hour. I signed that petition as quickly as I could get my hot little hands on it.

I want a nap Zzzzz...

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