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baghdaelf :: Snow [+3]

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Aerden [userpic]

Snow! Little, tiny flurries which melt as soon as they hit the ground, but they're still SNOW! In Houston!!!


*rushes around in a mad frenzy of excitement*

I blame this on Bush.

Current Mood: excitedexcited

I heard on the news you had snow! All we're having is rain and fog.

Have a great holiday!!!

Re: Snow

Tricia--I couldn't believe it! Our car was actually coated with white last niht when we got out of the restaurant.

It's all melted now, of course, but it was so neat, for yesterday!

I hope you and your family are having a wonderful Christmas!


Re: Snow

We're having a great time! Six kids for Christmas day. Gifts all over the floor and half a dozen toys out being played with at one time.

We had no snow just lots and lots of rain! ANd cold wind!

Re: Snow

Brrrrr! Would you believe, the sky is a perfect blue, and it feels as if the temperature is in the fifties here now? *shakes head* I can't believe it! Our snow melted yesterday, but it was still nece to see it on the rooftops and the tops of cars.


Snow! heh

I really had to laugh at the weather reports, because I was SO EXCITED to see snow on Wednesday, since I haven't seen it in the 9 years I've lived in Victoria. And what happened after I moved away? Snow! More than we got here, even! hee!

Re: Snow! heh


I heard that Corpus Christi got three inches! I still don't know how that happened.