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Sniper Update, New Computer

Well, this sniper situation just gets more and more interesting. This afternoon, the FBI searched the backyard of a duplex home in Tacoma, Washington State. They laid out tape in a search grid and dug up a tree stump for evidence. They also have the names of two men and a license plate number that they're giving out over the news.

I thought at first that maybe the sniper had been killing for a long time and was now escalating, but it looks like the police have reconstructed the background of these guys. I'm curious to know where they got the names from; I'm presuming the names must have been in the correspondence that the police have received from the sniper.

Anyway, this is quite interesting, and I'll be keeping an eye on how it develops.

Other News: My new computer is up! It doesn't have Internet access, yet, but at least I can write while Mark is on the computer! Bad note--I don't think it likes the files from our current computer. The new machine runs on XP, and our current computer runs on Windows 98. Maybe it just doesn't like copying folders.

Anyway, the new machine is lovely, because I can configure it for my display preferences, and Mark can configure alternate settings for himself.

My wallpaper is Stonehenge, which is quite neat! I had thought I would use Star Trek wallpaper, but now I think I won't.

The case is black, and it has a flat screen--which weighs like a slab of stone! The only reason I can carry it is because it's not bulky.

Oh, and its network name is Aerden. But all my Pern friends knew that, I'm sure. (g)

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