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Today was There.

Medical Transcription Word of the Day: Factor Five Leiden - The most common blood coagulation disorder in the United States, discovered in 1995. It can come in two forms--heterozygous: inherited from one parent, and homozygous: inherited from both parents.

Average day at work today. I kept myself busy. Typed a few more chart notes for Zuckerman and learned the names of several more drugs he gives his patients (candesartan, diltiazem,, clopidogrel, and simvastatin, which is the generic version of Zocor, I believe).

Off to write with baghdaelf.

I miss writing SPH and Pern with many of you. Kelli, do you mind if I send you stuff for the T'ran/Izara story, anyway?

I want to RP, and I'm telling myself to be sensible and not do it, as I'm keeping my dance card open for Kelli's.

Darn it, I should just write the Paul idea I came up with.

Peterson Trial: I see the jury on the Peterson case has sentenced Scott Peterson to the death penalty. I've been wathing this case for the last couple of years, and all I can say is that it must have been hell to have to decide that man's fate. It's very easy for me, sitting in front of my TV, to judge the man, but it would be far more difficult, I think, if I not only had to look at him day after day at the defendant's table, but also see his mother asking me for his life and his mother-in-law asking me to take his life.

I know that I in my outrage, watching the case unfold on TV, at times thought the man should fry for what I believed he did. I've worked with parolees, I watch crime documentaries, and Peterson just about follows a classic pattern.

After two years, though, reality has set in, my temper has cooled, and I know I would find it a heartbreaking task to sit in that courtroom every day, see that man every day, and know that I could be responsible for his death--despite knowing what happened to Laci and Connor.

In most cases like this, once I get over my initial outrage, I am inclined to incarceration for life, without parole. I prefer to reserve the death penalty for mass murderers and serial who one can be reasonably certain will kill again. I don't think Scott Peterson is that type of killer, if he did indeed murder his wife and son. But I do believe he is the sort of person who, if he got away with it once, might believe he could get away with it another time. I think, if he and Amber Fry had stayed together, Amber would have wound up mysteriously dead, a few years down the road. That is the only reason, right now, why I would have sentenced Peterson to death, were I a juror. Killing him is not going to bring Connor or Laci back; it will only keep a potentially dangerous man off the streets and, one hopes, not in a position to escape confinement, after a certain point.

A sad, sad case, all around.

Leave 'Em Laughing!: The Harry Potter version of "Why did the chicken cross the road?" :D

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