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Female Suicide Bombers and...A Violation of Rights?

Very interesting bit on The O'Reilly Factor tonight about female suicide bombers. According to the woman who O'Reilly interviewed, most of these women aren't fanatics; they're simply desperate to escape their lives, so desperate that they just want to die. By being a suicide bomber, they will be regarded in their culture as heroic, and it may be that many of them feel this is the first time in their lives that they will be respected instead of being treated as worthless.

That is tragic--both the way they are treated in their own homes and the fact that their desperation can be so exploited.

Also heard on the Factor: There is some woman who wants to rescind the federal religious holidays (such as Christmas) because she believes her rights are being violated.

Excuse me? A paid day off from work is a violation of your rights? One doesn't have to be a Christian, surely, to welcome a paid day off and find something good to do with it?

I swear, some people have too much free time in which to think.

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