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Friday, at Last!

Today was a good day. :) My supervisor said the last batch of reports I turned in had very few errors in them, and my cataract surgeon says that the thing I was afraid was going wrong isn't going wrong. *breathes a huge sigh of relief.* He does want to do a YAG laser capsulotomy once I have reliable health insurance, but I won't be needing a scleral buckling procedure. Thank you, God.

That still doesn't explain what I'm seeing in my eye, but at least we're only talking laser surgery, which is something I've had before and can deal with.

Medical Transcription Word of the Day: Arimidex - a cancer drug that it took me forever to find the name of today, because I thought the doctor on the tape said, "Uh, Rinodex."


Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy - This is a treatment for people (usually children) who have mild cases of cerebral palsy, which causes them difficulty in walking because of the spasticity of their muscles. The surgeon severs particular nerves, which allow the leg muscles to relax, allowing the patient to walk more normally.

Dinner with Friends: I'm now off to enjoy a home-cooked dinner of soft tacos, Sangria, and Shiner Bock.. We might even open the Kahlua before we start watching Lord of the Rings. (g)

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