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It's So Good to be Catholic! :D


Mark was just telling me about a news story. It seems that some pastry chefs in Naples, Italy, got together this year and built a nativity scene out of chocolate.

I told Mark I thought this sounded like a great idea and that our friend Tom would probably love the story.

To which, Mark replied: "I have just one problem with this. At some point, I'm sure it's going to come time to eat all of that chocolate. But who's going to eat the baby Jesus? That would just feel weird."

I blinked at him, rather non-plussed, for a moment. Yes, it would feel weird.

And then I remembered, and I told him, "No, dear. As long as a priest hands out wine and says the Communion prayer over it, it's all right. People can eat the chocolate baby Jesus, after that."

*Whew!* Religious/chocolate craving dilemma solved.

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