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The Bus Ride Home

Characters: So there I was, sitting on the bus, trying to get tarran_glennis out of my head. He's an evil priest character I created for a freeform RPG I used to be in, called Imperial Secrets. He used to be a very evil priest, indeed, until his god made him do something he didn't want to do--something he so vehemently didn't want to do that he allowed himself to be killed rather than do it. He gets brought back to life and falls in love--profoundly--with the one woman he can't possibly propose to, because he murdered her husband right in front of her.

He's in my head, wanting me to resolve this thing, pleading with me to resolve this thing. I don't dare allow Alys to start talking, or she'll want it resolved, too. She's not as 'vocal' in my head as Tarran is, because she doesn't want to admit that she has come to love him. She's the one who killed him, you see.

I am afraid to resolve Tarran's and Alys' story.

I'm a hopeless romantic. I like happy endings; so sue me. I like writing about characters who are in committed, loving relationships. The rest of their lives may be going to hell, but at least they love and are loved by someone.

But I'm almost terrified that, if I let Tarran and Alys marry, his story will end, and I will no longer have this little, sharp-tempered voice in my head grousing about his problems and the things he wishes he had done differently.

I will miss Tarran so much, if his story shrivels up and dies! I feel that way about Paul, too. But I at least have two projects for Paul, one of them non-HP.

I don't know what to do. I probably will write the post in which Tarran and Alys get back together, because I want to see that resolved. I want my characters to be happy. But I pray that I don't destroy what makes them come alive in my head.

Speaking of characters coming alive in my head...As I was busily shoving Tarran back into his box, Seth popped out with an interesting line, said while glaring daggers at a Death-Eater: "My father told me to forget. But he also told me to remember."

I'll be interested to see where that leads.

Edit: Ohhhhh...I figured it out! Oh, man, I wish I had known two years ago what I just figured out, now. I could have done so much more with Seth's story in SPH! I could have set up a lot more things in the plot. Oh my...

Medical Transcription Word of the Day: rongeur - (surgical instrument) a bone punch

I am off of the practice tapes as of tomorrow! Back to the real thing! I very much needed the information and discipline I learned from those tapes, but I am very glad to be allowed to do real work, now.

Tarran again: Wow, I'd forgotten how much I used to enjoy Tarran's and Alys' plot, particularly this piece.

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