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I've spent most of today working on my Muse Voices website. It's been a constant run of trial-and-error, dickering with CSS instructions, graphics which aren't working exactly the way I want, etc. I tried saving a transparent graphic in Paint. It saved transparently, all right--saving the white background under the transparent layer, along with the text. *grumble* Good news, though--I can indeed save my images in Phot9bucket, and they load just fine.

We visited my grandpatents and then had dinner at Chili's with moonwolf41 this afternoon. It was great to see her!

Ever since then, I've been working on the website. It looks like crap, at the moment, though the background tile is nice, sort of a sky pattern.

This is the first time I've ever had a website that required me to use FTP to upload and download things; I've been used to using Dreamwater for my webhosting, which has a web-based control panel that I like. Unfortunately, that is about all that Dreamwater has going for it. I decided I wanted a site that would allow me to expand my knowledge, so I could start learning DHTML and PHP, neither of which Dreamwater seems to support, even on its paid service. My Muse Voices site is hosted by Web-Mania, and I'm very pleased with it, so far. All stumbling has been my own.

Happily, though, I finally got the background to work in the external CSS, something I was never able to do on Dreamwater! *very happy*

I could wish I had tomorrow off, so I could work on this more. (g) I'll probably try to read my reference manual on the bus.

My eventual plans for this site are that it will include Aerden's Homepage, my 'bookstore' of medical books and web links, my writings and poetry, and a poetry webzine. I really would like to do the poetry zine and have it be a hardcopy edition, someday.

Como Poden

Dies ist, wie die Maria einen Mann heilte,
der gel? hmt war an K? rper und
Gliedern, in der Kirche in Salas.
Como poden per sas culpas
Os omes seer contreitos
Assi poden pella Virgen
Depois seer saos feitos.
Ond'a veo a un ome,
Por pecados que fezera,
Que foi tolleito dos nembros
D'ua door que ouvera
Et durou assi cinc' a? os
Que moverse non podera:
Assi avia os nembros
Todos do corpo maltreitos.
So wie der Mensch schlecht und schuldig sein kann,
so k? nnen seine Taten hernach zum
Wohle der Jungfrau sein.
Es war ein Mann, der ob all seiner
S? nden so verkr? ppelt war,
da? er seit 5 Jahren sich nicht mehr bewegte.

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