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Friday Night's Movie, Harry Potter, Etc.

Mark and I went with Donna and Tom to see I Am David, a movie set in 1952 about a boy who is given help in escaping a Bulgarian gulag and his adventures in getting to Denmark. It's based on a book called The Journey North by Anne Holm, which was apparently a million-copy bestseller in Denmark--an impressive accomplishment. I'm told the book was sold as a juvenile, but the movie is one that people of all ages can appreciate. I had not neard of this film before Donna mentioned it to us, and I was very surprised that it was playing in the theater across the street from us, because this is an independent film, and that theater usually goes for the more popular films. Very good movie!

My workplace had a ceramics sale on Friday. The Lighthouse runs an activity center for visually impaired people, and one of the things our clients do is make ceramic items for sale. I bought a gorgeous, forest-green bowl that just begs to be filled with buttery mashed potatoes, along with some other items which I plan to give out as Christmas gifts. I also bought a spoon tray that resembles a sunflower. Very pretty, and we have desperately needed one. Mark no longer has an excuse to leave his messy cooking spoons directly on the countertop. (I wash mine.)

Friday's MT word is in Friday's post.

They have closed off Loop 610 West from Hwy. 59 to I-10, so we'll have to take the long way around to get to our friend Terry's apartment when we go to pick him up for gaming. They've been doing construction work on 610 West forever, because they're trying to ease the congestion that always occurs at the Galleria exit (where 59 and 610 meet) during rush hour. I wish them good luck, because that's a very messy part of 610 to drive on. Cars come from every direction at that point, it seems.

Swiped from lordavon:

My Harry Potter Meta Adventure by mctabby
Favorite HP Character
So one day I wrote a rant aboutFanon!Lucius and his cane
and how this relates tothe Harry/Neville subtext in OotP
and I got this many comments:44
Then along camemusesong
who said:"But what about Nagini?"
So then Iate more chocolate
and blamed everything onmorsefan
andnow I'm writing my next rant!
Quiz created with MemeGen!

What is 'fanon?' I presume it means 'fannish canon,' but really, who determines what fannish canon is? Doesn't everyone have their own individual idea of it?

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