Aerden (aerden) wrote,

I find the coolest websites while I'm at work. Check this one out. It appears to be homework from a biology course. From the grade the professor expects of his students before s/he will pass them on this assignment, I'd guess this is med school prep. Pulmonary Homework

I bought a Quick-Start book on DHTML and CSS tonight. I want to learn how to do interesting things with mouseover, etc., and I have Web hosting now that will allow me to do it. If you need Web hosting, Web-Mania looks very good! Plus, they use Star Trek Original Series font in their control panel. I thought that was pretty neat!

Medical Transcription Word of the Day: anastomosis - Surgical connection between two organs which are not normally connected, such as two separate parts of an intestine for removel of intervening cancerous tissue, an artery to a vein for kidney dialysis, etc.

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