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Work and Radiation Sickness Terms

Work was good today, and the bus ride home was amusing. In front of me sat a mother and her young child, both Mexican. The child, about 18 months or so, had his little hands clenched in his mother's hair. And I could imagine his mother saying to him, in Spanish:

"No, sweetie, stop pulling Mama's hair."

"Honey, don't pull Mommy's hair like that. It hurt."

"No! Stop pulling my hair."

"Stop pulling my hair this instant, young man, or I'll make you wish you had!"

She had a lot of lovely, thick, black hair, done up in a ponytail, and her kid was doing his best to make her look like she was having a Bad Hair Year.

I told her, "Buzz cut; it's the only way."

Medical Transcription Word of the Day:

  • Roentgen: The amount of radiation your patient is exposed to.
  • Rad: The amount of radiation your patient's body absorbs.
  • Rem: The amount of damage that said amount of radiation does to your patient's body.

These words are not from work; they're from research I did for the Star Trek RPG I'm in, the USS Charleston.

Going to bed now! Zzzzz

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