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The Downside to Medical Transcription

No, it's not the doctors or their dictations.

Today was probably the least enjoyable day I've ever spent at my job--not because of anything bad with a dictation, but because of the way I look up medical terms.

In my office, where most of the transcriptionists are visually impaired to one degree or another, we find it faster to look things up on webpages than to flip through books, sometimes. If we don't recognize a drug name, we can go to a website like RxList, type what the drug name sounds like, and get a listing of possible matches. Much easier than looking in entries for both F and PH, with all possible vowel combinations, for a drug name in a book.

One of today's patients was a girl who had had a barium enema, after which, a cleansing enema was administered, to expel the barium from her. The name of the cleansing enema sounded like 'Enrich,' to me. I looked up the word and discovered that there is a nutrient solution called Enrich that is available in 8-oz. units; however, that clearly wasn't what the doctor was talking about. I am on OJT and working from a practice tape, so I couldn't just call the doctor and inquire. So I looked up 'cleansing enemas' on Google.

Big mistake. I discovered (or perhaps rediscovered a fact long forgotten), that enemas are used as sexual aids by some people. I actually found a website with links to 'Erotic Enema Ezperiences.'

Ew. I have had enemas before, and believe me, they were NOT a turn-on for me. They were smelly, uncomfortable, nauseating...Bleah.

Later in the day, I needed to check the spelling of a word that describes a part of the male anatomy. Never do this on the Internet; just go to the books, instead. My search yielded a Google entry for a work of homoerotic fiction that was very obviously, just in the brief Google entry, about a pedophile and his current objet de lust. Quadruple Ew.

So, not a pleasant work experience, today.

Medical Transcription Words for the Day:

Listed here because I always get these two mixed up, so I figured I'd better get them straight in my head.


A section of the distal small intestine, between the jejunum and cecum.


An obstruction of the small intestine.


The upper part of the hip bone, which is a separate bone in youth.


The combining form that refers to the ileum.


The combining form that refers to the ilium.

Nano: Congratulations to all those of you who finished Nanowrimo, whether you got to 50,000 words, or not! Just sticking with it for the entire month is the real achievement. I'll take self-discipline over mere word count, any day.

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