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I Finished! :D

Today, at 12:30pm, I finished Nano!!

Nanowrimo 11/26/04: 2095 words Running Total: 50,220

I'm ecstatic! (g)

Now that the words have been written, the real work begins. I have to go through this novel with a fine-toothed comb and work out quite a few things.

I need to find out what is the worst thing that could happen to the main characters and work those into the plot. I need to work in a story hook and some tension on page 1. And so on and so forth. Once I have written a second draft that includes all of these things, then I'll take out the Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook and do what it says.

I'll compile all of my separate documents into one large document and validate it tomorrow. See you all later!

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