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Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm writing to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, wherever you are!

I was surprised to learn that the Pilgrims, who held Thanksgiving, did this not once a year, but any time when they felt the need to give thanks for something--whether it be a healthy delivery of a child, a good harvest, or whatever. I think that's a neat idea, to give thanks whenever you truly are thankful--right then, instead of waiting until November. Many of us, I think, look on Thanksgiving as a secular, feasting holiday, and we forget the significance of what it is really supposed to be.

On the other hand, with religious trappings somewhat taken away from Thanksgiving, in America, we can look on it as a holiday that unites us all, no matter what religion we practice. What the Pilgrims started in 1620 became, through many twists and turns, the country we have today, so in a way, their heritage belongs to all of us. We all have something to be thankful for. If nothing else, the concept of gratitude is a uniting factor. Even if a person doesn't believe in being grateful to a deity, there has to be something or someone that that person has experienced since the previous Thanksgiving, to be thankful for.

I am very, very thankful for my friends, here on LiveJournal and elsewhere. You have helped me through hard days, made me think, given me cause to laugh, put me in awe of something profound you've said. Thank you.

I owe a great debt of gratitude to the State of Texas Blind Services department. They're partially responsible for me having the trainee position that I have now. I am also very grateful to my supervisor for training me. I've needed it more than I wanted to admit, at first.

I'm grateful to my family, without whose assistance and love, I wouldn't be able to see very well, right now.

I am thankful for my church and for my coven--They have given me important things to think about, and I have shared many very enjoyable hours with the members of both of them.

I am thankful for my husband Mark, for...everything. Just everything. I love you, Mark, and I always will.

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