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Outrage of the Week: Disgusted with PEST.

I have only four words to say to anyone who whines to me that they suffer from PEST (Post-Election Selection Trauma). They are "Grow the fuck up."

I can't believe that there are people who seriously want this codified as an actual ailment, with as much validity as a disease listing in the ICD-10-CM! Perhaps they expect insurance coverage for it, too? Paid time off from work? Geeze!

I type reports every day about people who are dreadfully sick with real illnesses which are sometimes heartbreaking to read. This bitching and moaning from people who can't accept reality pisses me off.

I wish the psychiatrists who are probably making a ton of money off of this trendy new ailment would force their patients to read some of the reports I type, and then ask them if they are still suffering.

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