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Two Weird Dreams and Various Other Things

Dream #1

This was a short dream. I dreamed that I had been picked to be part of a spaceship crew that would return to the Moon. After flying in a ship that looked nothing like a NASA spacecraft on the inside, we finally landed on the Moon and got out. The ground looked exactly like the real lunar surface,, but the sky was blue, and there were trees growning on the ground--nb grass, just trees.

We decide that we are all going to lie down and take a nap in a nice, sunny clearing. When wake up, we find rabbits all around us, armed with rifles and cameras, and they're taking pictures of us.

My friend Kelli starts arguing with a guy who looks a lot like Steve Zissou from The Life Aquatic. Kelli is convinced that these rabbits are wanting to take revenge against us for all of civilization's years of rabbit hunting on Earth. Zissou is trying to calm her down and convince her that these are just nice, friendly rabbits, nothing to worry about, despite the fact that they have rifles. The dream pretty much faded out as Kelli and Steve Zissou were continuing to argue.

Dream #2

This dream is less pleasant, and it lasted longer.

It starts off with me and my family going to church. My sister and brother-in-law Janet and Greg have invited everyone of the family who are at church to eat a picnic lunch with them. When we get there, they have a stack of paper plates there, as if they expect us to go into the church with a paper plate. I take one, but I lose it somewhere along the way, because it never shows up in the rest of the dream.

My niece and nephew Amanda and Tyler are there from Colorado, visiting. With them is their grandmother, a slender, elderly lady I've never met in real life. Our nephews Justin and Julian offer to find seats for everyone, so I let them find me a place in the church to sit down for the service. After a little while, they come running back out to announce that they've found seats, and we all go inside. I find myself standing at the back along with Janet, the grandmother, and Tyler and Amanda. The grandmother and I start talking about religion and what we believe in. I find her very interesting and feel very comfortable talking with her. At some point, we get seats near the front of the church--which looks nothing like the inside of my church, by the way--and we sit down.

The minister starts speaking. I don't know who this man is; he looked somewhat like John Ritter, but not as cheery, more businesslike. Something about what he is preaching doesn't sit right with me, and I tell the grandmother so. Janet, however, is all for it. The sermon continues, and we discover that, at the back of the altar is a metal statue of Jesus, which this minister starts taking a blowtorch to, to get the congregation to understand the suffering of Christ.

In the dream, I think this is really sick and gross, and it's like watching torture, even if the figure is simply a stature--it's what the statue represents. I'm livid and ashamed that this is the example of my church that the grandmother is seeing. I tell her it's not like that, at all, usually, that this minister is bizarre.

By the end of the dream, I have begun composing a letter to the real minister, telling him, among other things, that when the President goes into a church, the minister's behavior represents not only that one church, but also that faith as a whole, and not just that one faith, but Christianity as a whole, and I thought this minister had just given a dreadful, dreadful interpretation of what Christianity is about.

The President didn't appear in this dream, except as a very brief flash at the end, sitting in the congretation. But it's weird that, by inserting him in there, the dream assumes a deeper meaning that I expected it to have.

Nano: I took Friday off from Nano, so I have to write 5,100 words at least, this weekend. See you all later!

TMMT: I have been doing medical transcription for way too long. I originally typed 'service' in the entry above as 'cervice.'

Edit: Oooh...Megalomania - -megaly. Cool!!!! I never made the connection before, but it's so obvious! I am such a dufus.

Paul Graves Nonsense Continues: I'm continuing in the bizarre, private effort to use Paul in fiction that is not related to Harry Potter. After seeing The Incredibles, I thought having him be the head of an evil superheroes group would be interesting. However, Paul insists that he will not wear a supsrsuit, and neither will anyone who works for him. No, he wants to wear his gray, Chopinesque suit, or a later Victorian version of it. He might, might go so far as Edwardian.

*rolls eyes*

The cool thing, though, is that I know why he would hate the good superheroes and work against them. And why have him be an anti-hero? Because I am tired of the sort of villains you see in cartoons. Villains might have more depth and complexity in manga and anime, but I've never seen any of that stuff. So I want a villain I can believe in, who isn't insane or a megalomaniac, who has morals and a sense of honor, but who also, for reasons of his own, doesn't believe in or doesn't or can't support the normal good guys.

So I want to write a villain who is a worthy foe, a villain you can take seriously and be truly scared of, because he's sane. Yes, insane criminals are scary--any real-life serial killer is terrifying. But dramatically, someone who is doing evil from strongly held moral convictions, rather than sociopathy, is not going to back down or allow himself to be cornered; he'll shoot first and deliver his monologue later--or leave it in a note.

It would be interesting to write the story both from the hero's standpoint and from the villain's.

Werewolves of folklore differ greatly from modern
renditions seen in movies and shows. People
believed there were many ways to become
werewolves, such as drinking rainwater
collected in a wolf's pawprint, eating meat
gnawed on by a wolf, or being born with a full
set of teeth or covered in a caul. And unlike
movie werewolves, werewolves of old were
oftentimes harmless and highly honorable!

As a werewolf, you are loyal, strong and honorable,
and you will protect all you hold dear with
your very life. Although you are not a violent
individual at heart, you will fight for what
you believe in. You are a good friend and truly
are a wonderful person to be around.

Who is your inner Shapeshifter?
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