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House and Writing

House: Wow...I just saw House, and I'm rather agog. The main character is sort of like Aerden, Paul, and some very cynical guy, all wrapped up in one package. The abruptness and the constant pain--Aerden. The sheer brilliance and the ability to think and to conceive of the most appalling things in a completely pragmatic manner--Paul. Both Aerden and Paul would have a lot better bedside manner--though only if Aerden isn't having a migraine....

To illustrate my point:

Dr. House: "We're going to discontinue all of her medications, immediately."

Colleague: "What, and watch her die?"

Dr. House: "Yes. You said it, yourself--By the speed at which she dies, we will learn what she is dying of."

I know! Kris, I think it's like having Aerden, Paul, and Lushin all in one guy. Too scary, huh? I realy must introduce you to Paul, sometime...

I know, I'm babbling.

Nanowrimo 11/16/04: 2068 words Running Total: 31,187 words

All done with Nano, and just in time for Crossing Jordan. Yea!

Medical Transcription Word of the Day: OCP - Oral Contraceptive Pills. I post this one becase I searched in all of my books to find out what it was an acronym for and came up with nothing. In desperation, I did a Google search and came across the answer in a chatroom page. Gotta love the Internet!

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