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And Today's Nano

11/15/04 Word Count: 2052 words Running Total: 29,119 Words

A special note about tonight's installment of Curse: It is painfully obvious that I was typing urology reports last week. That's all I will say. *groans*

I am amazed at how the novel--the real novel of The Curse of Avriet--not the Nano version--is coming together in my head, now. I see how I should start the first chapter--it'll be with Micaul and his father Richot, during the Demon War, and I know now what Micaul will have to give up, to break the curse. I'm not yet sure how he will come to that realization, but I know it's what he has to give up.

This is what awes me about writing, these periods of coalescence, when everything seems to come together as if by magic, like the fitting together of puzzle pieces. You know you have a picture, but you have to figure out how the pieces work together to form the whole. Creation itself astounds me, and tonight, I feel as if all I can do is gaze on it in wonder and reverence. I can write this thing.

Just amazing.

Aerden on TV? There's a TV show that will premiere Tuesday night on the Fox network, and from the looks of it, it's the next best thing to having Healer Aerden on TV. Dr. Gregory House may not have migraines, but he apparently has an injured leg that hurts just as much. I guess it makes him just as cranky, too! It seems he solves medical mysteries--not crimes, but disease mysteries. I'm looking forward to it.

If only Jeffrey Meek were playing him. *snicker*

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