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Quick Update - for Thursday and Friday

Nanowrimo 11/11/04: 2098 words Running Total: 21,150 words
Nanowrimo 11/12/04? 1902 words Running Total: 23,052 words

Medical Transcription Words of the Day: Three!

Graves' disease: hyperthyroidism, essentially
(SPH people: It was in a report I typed, today! Several members of the Graves family were physicians, so one of them must have recorded the condition and written journal articles about it. Interestingly, I also have a listing for 'Ranke's something or other.' The von Ranke family married into the Graves family. I swear, the familial genealogy of events in medical history just astounds me. So neat!)

exophthalmos or proptosis - protuberant eyes (a symptom of hyperthyroidism)

I am going back to writing Nano, now. Bye! :)

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