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Cowboy Hats

Why is it that, every time people on TV want to show that someone is from Texas, they always have the guy wear a cowboy hat--even inside?

I'm watching FBI Files on The Discovery Channel tonight, and the episode is about a Florida woman whose murderer came from San Antonio, where the victim's ex-husband lived. It was a murder for hire.

So they're showing all these re-enactments of Texas Rangers and San Antonio police investigating the case--and they're all wearing cowboy hats in their offices. White cowboy hats, yet.

Now, anybody with a brain should know that you don't wear a cowboy hat indoors; you take it off and hang it on the hatrack. You also take it off if there's a woman in the room with you.

But just because the characters are from Texas, it's like some symbol that we must all wear.

It's like the misconception that we all ride horses everywhere we go, and that we all know how to shoot a Colt .45 and herd cattle. ::rolls eyes::

Oh yeah--and Houston has mountains--just use any Hollywood TV show as a reference. NOT (g)

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