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Getting Back to Normal

Neat Stuff: Cool! This is so Contzel!!! :D

I also found an awesome website today while looking up the word 'phymosis' on the Web. The modern spelling is 'phimosis, but they knew about it in Colonial times. To see more neat stuff, check out American Revolution.Org.

Current Mood: I'm feeling a bit better today than I was yesterday. Back to feeling 40, instead of 12, which is a relief. I'm sorry I got so emotional. I usually try not to show it if I'm feeling really miserable, but I needed to get my feelings of loss and being hurt off my chest.

The Incredibles: Mark and I and our friend Tom saw The Incredibles tonight, and it was great! To me, a major theme of the movie was proportion--that people must play on level playing fields. Not that everyone should be on the same level, but that people who are on different levels should challenge equals, not those weaker than they. In other words, let the police deal with the regular crimials. Save the superheroes for the supervillains. Pretty interesting.

There was a lot of wonderful, wry humor in this movie, and much playing on cultural jokes based on the 'roles' of men and women. That gives this movie a lot of its humor.

Samuel L. Jackson and his character's wife need to have a LOT more air time, if Pixar does a sequal to this film--and I hope they do!

Medical Transcription Word of the Day: scaphoid (abdomen) - An abdomen that is concave. I could wish that mine were in that condition. :P

NaNoWriMo: Today's Words: 1,788 Running Total 9,237 The Evil Plan to get Thanksgiving Day and November 30th off continues.

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