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Good morning!

::grumble!:: The message I just typed disappeared when I pressed the 'more options' link, so I'll try to recreate it.

Tea-- I'm sitting here at my computer sipping a mug of hot Irish Breakfast Tea. I thought it was going to be Earl Grey, but that's what I get for not reading the package. Irish Breakfast is good tea, though, so I'm not sorry.

My British friends would probably think me a Philistine, for the way I make tea. I drop a teabag into the mug, pour water over it, then heat the water in the microwave. I take the mug out and let the tea steep for a bit, then I shovel in the creamer and sugar. I'll never be a tea or coffee snob, because I won't use liquid cream. I like to know how much liquid is in my mug, instead of having to remember that cream will add more liquid...

Rain-- The sky looks rather overcast, this morning; I wonder if we'll get rain? Hurricane Isidore went to the Yucatan Peninsula, so we don't expect things to get too bad, here in Houston. The flooding was bad enough, a year ago last June. The basements of all the buildings downtown flooded, and so did the hospital basements in the Medical Center.

Out on the Curb-- The flooding in hospital basements was so bad that they had to throw out several electron microscopes. Can you imagine this? Couldn't they have gone in there with a blow dryer, or something? I guess not, but still...I can just see six or seven electron microopes sitting on the front lawn of Baylor College of Medicine, out by the curb, waiting for some young married couple with no furniture to drive by in a pick-up truck and take one of them home, the way people do around here with old sofas.

I want one for my garage!

World Trade Center-- Last night on Fox News, they did a documentary about architectural designs for buildings to replace the WTC. Most of them were dull, typical-looking buildings, albeit with pretty, mirrored glass walls, etc. But the coolest one had a couple of regular skyscrapers, with several other skyscrapers twisted around them. Best of all, the engineering and architecture behind this design works.

The design is very creepy and disturbing, but I like it! I think it's too disturbing to replace the WTC, but hey, I wouldn't mind at all if someone wanted to build that thing across the street from my house. It is really different, on a par with Frank Lloyd Wright.

California Dreamin'-- It was so depressing to finally find the lyrics to "California Dreamin'," only to discover that the Mommas and the Poppas apparently couldn't do consistent verb tenses or distinguish between the past tense and the conditional. ::sigh; wants to THWAP whoever wrote 'If I was in LA.'::

Don't mind me; I'm just a grammar curmudgeon. At least the song is still beautiful!

Well, I guess I should go, now; I've got a lot of things to do. I hope everyone has a great Monday!

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