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Wednesday Update

Work: I typed all dermatology reports today. I had patients with ailments ranging from eczema secondary to radiation treatment, to decubitus ulcers.

Lunch was from the Brisket House, again--their Old-Fashioned Hot Dog with chili and cheese. It was delicious! It's been a long time since I last ate chili that wasn't greasy Wolf brand stuff out of a can. What scares me is, I always used to swear by that stuff--but not after today.

Medical Transcription Words of the Day: hyphae - a fungal growth; and griseofluvin - an antibiotic. Yes, be very afraid, I'm giving you 'words,' plural, now. (EWG)

I'm happily sipping on an iced chai from Starbuck's. I love Starbuck's.

Election Madness: It looks like the 2004 election is over. I am now looking forward to Hillary Clinton or Condoleezza Rice in 2008. It should be a humdinger of an election!

I am very, very grateful that the candidates did not drag it out, this time, or resort to lawyers. Many thanks to both of them for that.

For those of you who are not happy about the US election outcome, lordavon has a novel suggestion. I will have to suggest it to my husband...(EWG!) But seriously, a little mixing of attitudes would do both major political parties some good, I think. We've become too polarized, and all the rage I'm seeing from disappointed Kerry supporters right now seems indicative of it. When so many people belonging to either side cannot seemingly accept that people who believe in the other side's values have an equally valid point of view, something's wrong, and it needs to be acknowledged and a way found for members of both sides to look at things rationally. So I think lordavon's idea has some merit.

Kerry supporters--I hear you. I felt exactly the same way when Clinton was elected both times--dumbfounded and angry. Contempt for Clinton is in some part what persuaded me to switch political leanings--up until 1992, I had always voted Democrat. I haven't gone back, since.

Nanowrimo: Am going off to write, as soon as I glance over my friends list.

Tonight's Word Count: 1755 Running Total: 5477

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