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Voting: Yep, I went and voted for Bush today. The weather here in Houston for the past two days has been rather crappy, but it had at least quit raining by the time I got off from work. The sky still has heavy, gray clouds looming in it, though.

I was the 919th person to vote in my precinct, and I went in at about 3:30pm. There was no line, probably because Mark and I went in the middle of the afternoon, before the 5pm rush.

Medical Transcription Word of the Day: polymorphonucleated leukocyte - the technical term for a neutrophil. I'm a sucker for the lovely, long words!

Lunch was a huge baked potato from the Brisket House. Yum! Eating it meant that I didn't have to eat my Ramen today. Nothing against ramen; it's good! But not every day.

Nanowrimo: I am off to do Nanowrimo, now. I want to see how much I can write, tonight.

Good night, and I pray that we will have a solid, true election result by tomorrow morning, whoever may win. *keeping fingers devoutly crossed* I will be very pissed off if we must resort to lawyers. I do not want lawyers deciding our elections. The only reason I tolerated the Supreme Court stepping in last time around was because it had gotten ridiculous. It had better not get that ridiculous, this time. Not that anyone I know can have any direct influence on such a thing, but it felt good to get it off my chest. (g)

And for those who are not satisfied with the election results, Guy Fawkes' Day will occur on Friday, so people can feel free to vent then, as long as they don't vandalize.

Ahem. As I said, off to write! :)

(EDIT) Tonight's Nanowrimo: Gah, Already, I can tell that this story will need massive editing in December. I can see things even now that I will need to write differently, things I need to emphasize that I'm not, because I'm trying to get the dialogue in and don't want to worry about foreshadowing, etc. Nice to know I'll be busy over the holidays.

1,862 words tonight, for a running total of 3,722. I am tracking my progress here.

TV: *sigh* Dog is a rerun tonight, at least for the first half. I hope the second segment is new. Having done more than the required allotment of Nanowrimo this evening, I think I'll reward myself with an episode of Crossing Jordan and some ice cream.

Diet? What diet?

Below is something I received in email from my husband. He says it's something he posted in his blog.

You’ve heard the major arguments of the current Presidential campaign on the issues of the War on Terror, the economy, and even character. I believe that President Bush wins over Senator Kerry in all three areas hands down. But I am not writing now about the present or even the near future, but of the future that stretches out before our species for as long as our species will exist.

Last January, President Bush proposed the most far reaching revamping of the American civil space program in its history. He has proposed to correct a thirty year old public policy mistake, turning the space program into a high tech, space taxi service, and turning the National Aeronautics and Space Administration into a later day Corps of Discover. Its task would be to explore the Moon, then Mars, then beyond. He has also, almost unnoticed, moved to make the space agency more commercial friendly.

This new policy has profound implications for the hope many hold for a space future. It is my belief that the Moon, Mars, and Beyond Vision provides the best way to finally making our species a multi planet species, ensuring in the meantime its long term survival and prosperity. Whatever happens to our planet, a human race that has spread across the Solar System—and eventually I hope to the stars—will survive. Using the vast resources that can be found in the heavens, the human race can thrive, free of the shortages of resources and energy that a single planet bound civilization might face.

Senator Kerry’s response? To slam and even ridicule the vision. Despite the fact that he has often invoked John F. Kennedy and the spirit of Apollo, he has not offered his own, competing vision. He has offered a space “policy” filled with generalities and platitudes, but no substance. Even Senator Kerry becomes President, our space program will be frozen into the place that it has existed for a generation. Humans will be stuck for the foreseeable future going in circles in Low Earth Orbit.

Worse, we will be one shuttle accident away, under Kerry, from ending human space flight in America.

Those who see the promise of commercial space flight should not take comfort. Under Kerry, with his zeal for high taxes and burdensome regulations, the commercial space flight industry in America would be strangled in infancy and driven to other countries.

Could there be a space future in America beyond a Kerry administration, provided that the United States is not crippled permanently by his policies? Perhaps. But the dream of a space future has been betrayed twice in my lifetime. Once, when I was a boy, when it looked as if Apollo might lead to something, the Left in the Congress and the media combined to crush that dream and the Nixon Administration made the thirty year, space shuttle mistake. Again, when I was a young man, Bush the Elder’s Space Exploration Initiative died of its own weight, happily hurried to its death by the Left again, NASA bureaucrats, and a curious impotence on the part the first Bush White House.

Now we have a third chance. Do we dare pass it up in hopes of a fourth?

I think not.

So, vote for President Bush and Vice President Cheney, so that at long last the future can happen.

I'm Mark R. Whittington and I approve this message.

Snagged from wcg:

I Voted... Did You?

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