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NaNoWriMo Word Count: 1,860 words

Medical Transcription Word of the Day: dorsiflex

The weather has sucked major ass, all day. Meaning, it's been pouring and pouring, and pouring. Buffalo Bayou is the highest I've ever seen it. We just had a rather noisy thunderstorm pass over us about five minutes ago.

Tomorrow is election day, and right now, I'm glad that Mark will be picking me up, simply so I won't have to go out in the rain and the mud. Bleah! On the bus home today, I noticed it was kicking up some very impressive spray and splashing it onto the curbs as he drove down the street. I feel sorry for anyone who might have been on the receiving end of that wave of water, though. I would have been pissed off, if I'd gotten soaked by one of those.

The bus drivers had had to undergo their twice-annual rotation, which means that most of them are completely clueless about their routes, at the moment. The driver of the bus that took me home from the transit center didn't know where at the transit center he was supposed to pull up. *sigh*

I saw the last episode of the season of Dead Like Me, this evening. I hope it isn't the last of the series. That is such a good show! George and Reggie saw each other at George's grave, while their mother slept. I don't know if Reggie saw George as her sister or as the way she appears, now that she's a reaper, but it was very, very neat.

Crossing Jordan is on tomorrow. Yea!!!

Samhain coven was lovely, last night! We lit candles for the people who had died, who we wanted to remember, and talked about what they had meant to us. One of the people I mentioned was my Great-Uncle Frank Gaudiano, who used to amuse all of the children in our family by making a noise like a choo-choo train. I adored him and will miss him very much, but I am happy to say that I remember him fondly.

Work is not going so well. They are putting me on practice cases for a week. I feel very unhappy that they need to do that, but if it will help me become a better transcriptionist, then so be it.

For Nanowrimo, I started work on The Curse of Avriet tonight. I suspect that I will also work on Vendetta this month, when the mood strikes me. But I figured, sinde I already did Vendetta for Nano one year, I should give a different story a shake. The Curse of Avriet is dedicated to June Drexler Robertson and Andi Bennett-Banks, who created the world of Deau for their shared-world series Children of the Vortes. I have missed Deau for a long time, and Avriet is my answer to it. I know most, if not all, of you will have no idea what COTV was, but take my word for it--it was a wonderful world, and those ladies did not pull punches with their villains. Vorteciens are more evil than Death-Eaters. On the other hand, Whit's Accia Zabini would have made a great vortecien. Bleah. (g)

Time for me to go wash the dishes, and then I'm headed for bed. Good night!

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