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Team America

I swear, the guys who do South Park are geniuses.

On last Wednesday's episode, they explained the truth about elections--any election. It's always a choice between a douche and a turd.. That's just the way it is.

Tonight I saw Team America, and I learned that there are pretty much just three types of people in the world--assholes, dicks, and pussies.

The creators of South Park continually amaze me with their gift for using humor to describe complex issues in simple, basic terms. I don't know how many of you will enjoy Team America; I hear it's getting mixed reviews. Personally, I think it is one of the funniest and most well-done pieces of filmography I have ever seen. It's worth seeing, just for the in-jokes. I am amazed that those guys did this movie entirely with puppets. There are crowd scenes in this movie, all done with puppets. Even eerier, the puppets have very realistic-looking faces. These guys give the people who do Shrek a run for their money.

This film is pure camp, reminiscent in some ways of Beevis & Butthead Do America, but only slightly. There is a lot of property damage in this movie and a lot of very campy American gung-ho patriotism that I had to laugh my ass off at.

Alas, the one in-joke they don't do is to steal from Alec Baldwin's best movie soliloquy. Other than that, the movie didn't disappoint me, at all. I'll be interested to see what others think of it. My feeling is, the creators of this film did a brilliant job, and they'd better win an Oscar.

Unfortunately, I suspect they've probably pissed off a lot of Hollywood in this film. But oh well, there are still the People's Choice Awards. (g)

Voting: These links were passed on by shusu for people wishing to vote in the US election on November 2. If you have questions about voting, these websites should be able to answer them. Whoever your preferred candidate is--please go vote! If nothing else, it's the only way you have a right to complain about the guy in office. (g) Seriously, though--This right is part of what the US is founded upon, and as a citizen, your vote is important.

Medical Transcription Word of the Day: fem/pop: Refers to femoral/popliteal.

The longer I work at this job, the more convinced I am that HCC did not really prepare me for this. They should have done away with the administrative assistant classes and concentrated more on actual pracice doing transcription. I may have gone into my classes there knowing a lot more than the other students, but next to people who have been doing transcription for years, I am an ignoramus, and it shows.

Doesn't stop me from loving it, though!

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