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Nipped from cavaticat:

I just visited the Evolve Fish website, because they have a very cool evolution emblem--ancient Christian fish design with the word 'ichthys' written in Greek letters, with a similarly-shaped fish that has four limbs, whose body says 'Evolution' in it. I love, love, love this!

But I have to say, their atheist attitude doesn't appeal to me. They make it very clear that they have no use for the divine, with a 'no God' t-shirt and merchandise that seems to poke fun at parochial school education.

I'm not sure what their beef is against religion. Just because a person is religious doesn't mean that he has stopped questioning the world around him or that he should stop questioning what happens in the world. People who appear to blanket-equate faith with willful ignorance piss me off. Narrowmindedness is not what religion is about, at all. Religion is about loving your neighbor and about having faith that there is a force in the universe more powerful than oneself.

When I was in high school, I reasoned that there was really no technical need for a god. But now that I'm older, I believe that a belief in the divine is vital. A belief in the love of the divine can allow us all to become the greatest in ourselves that we can be, to do the best for others that it is in our capacity to do.

I can't even imagine a life without reverence for the divine, anymore. That is how strongly it has affected me.

I suppose, if I told these people that religion can do wonderful things in a person's life, they would simply point to white supremacists, rabid creationists, the Crusades, Islamofascism, and the Spanish Inquisition. But those are twisted things which humans have made, using religion as their excuse to do evil. They are not the true beauty.

It's all in The Cloud of Unknowing. Everything you need to know is right there, in simple, elegant, beautiful language. It's all in the Prayer of St. Francis.

I never considered myself an evangelist; in fact, I cringe from that word. But I really, really believe that true devotion to a religion is important. It will keep you afloat when you think you're going to drown.

Side Note: For some reason, I can copy graphics in Netscape, again! I'm wondering if some of the spyware we got rid of Monday night might have been affecting Netscape somehow.

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