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Wednesday Work

Medical Transcription Word of the Day: sicca syndrome (Sjogren's syndrome); also, porphyria cutanea tarda

Work: Work went pretty well, today. I typed 21 progress notes and was considerably faster in tracking down the spellings of drug names and getting definitions of terms I was unfamiliar with. I also believe my accuracy rate was a lot better; I understood most of what I was hearing, today. Maybe I can do this job well enough for them to keep me on once the OJT ends. *keeping fingers devoutly crossed*

Nanowrimo: I am now planning for Nanowrimo, which will mean the cessation during November of any fannish activity until/unless I get in my daily quota or more. This year, I am working more on a piece of mine called Vendetta, though I currently have The Curse of Avriet listed as my work for this year. I need to go to the Nano site and change it.

Mailing Lists: I need to turn off my emails, since I am no longer looking for a job. Or maybe I should keep my listing current, in case I don't get hired by the Lighthouse after the OJT. At the very least, I will get rid of some of my job hunt automatic mailings.

I also need to unsubscribe from the Pern mailing lists I'm on, since I'm not actively involved in Pern fandom anymore. I should probably leave Nova Roma, to; I just don't have time to participate the way I'd like to.

Role-Playing:I'm feeling somewhat depressed about SPH, because one of my favorite players (and one of the few remaining ones) has just quit. *sigh*

I am desperately trying to restrain myself from going to to look for an active RP to join. I keep having to remind myself of Nanowrimo and the fact that I am now working full-time. Must not commit to an RP until after November. Must NOT committ...

baghdaelf hasn't come on tonight, and chipperazzi appears to have left her computer for a while. I guess I'll go write, but keep YM connected, in case either of them pop in to chat.

Damn. I want to mope, not write.

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