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13th Anniversary

Anniversary: Mark and I went to a restaurant called Fogo de Chao here in Houston. It's a South American steakhouse, in which the waiters serve you various kinds of meats on skewers. They cut it off the skewers into slices, right at your table. This place only accepts people with reservations, and even on a Tuesday night, it was packed.

I have only seven words to really describe the place: "So much food, so little stomach volume!"

Work: My new favorite work-related website is Rx List. It has a 'fuzzy' search function, which means that you can type in an approximation of a drug name, and the site will provide you with several drug names which might be the one you're looking for. The site is a Godsend to me! I love it to pieces. Already, today, it helped me do some corrections on my work and allowed me to quickly make corrections in what I did today. Wonderful site! Until I was told about it, I'd simply been going to Google, which isn't much help, unless you already know how to correctly spell the drug name.

Work went better, today; I felt that I did better at it than I've been doing, today. I had occasion to type a couple of drug names that I had learned the spellings of from previous progress notes, so that made me feel that perhaps I am learning to do this job. I just hope I can learn it well enough to get hired. I want to make the most of this opportunity that has been given me, and I want to do right by the patients and doctors I serve.

Crime Night Tuesday: I watched Dog this evening. Interesting thing about Beth Chapman (Dog's wife). She really does worry, when they go out on those cases. Only when it's a very non-stressful case does g\she get lovey-dovey and talk to Gog about putting her in handcuffs for some loving. When it's a more dangerous criminal, like a man who was wanted for armed robbery and 3rd-degree assault, she is a lot more nervous.

I was amazed to learn that Dog is only 5'7". The man walks tall. I would have sworn that he must be at least 6'4".

I'm not going to watch Crossing Jordan tonight, in favor of doing other things. I'm sure Jordan would approve! :D

Writing: I did a bit of writing for a story I'm starting to work on. Its working title is 'Ghost and Wizard.' I figured out how magic works on this world, which was pretty neat.

Good night! Time to go and enjoy being married. *wink!*

Stolen from xanath:

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