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Gloat Word of the Day: glyparamide

In the transcription dictation, the physician pronounced this as "cliporide," and it took me forever to figure out that this was the drug name. I was a happy little camper, even if hunting the name down did take a godawful amount of time.

We now have a printer! It's an old Brother printer that a friend gave to us, and it seems to work beautifully! I look forward to using it, myself.

Re SPH: New developments in Seth's plot will have to wait a bit. Tomorrow is our 13th wedding anniversary, so I doubt I'll be spending much time on the computer, once I get home! (g)

Writing, or Lack Thereof: Paul has been bugging me to write about him all day; it's so frustrating. I want to write about him, but the story won't come together; too many motivations for character actions are missing, and I need to make the setting more believable. I bet he won't leave me alone during Nanowrimo, either--not that I would want him to. I'd actually be worried if I didn't have Paul Graves thoughts in my head for an entire month. It would be like not having Aerden there. ("Whoa! Where are you guys?!")

Spyware Blockers: I haven't had time to read my Friends List today, for which I apologize. We had company this evening--the friend whose friend gave us the printer--and she and I were installing and running spyware blockers. At the moment, our computer has Spybot Search & Destroy, Spy Sweeper, and Spyware Blaster on it. Apparently, we'll also have to get Ad Aware, if we're ever to get rid of the annoying Casale Media popup thing that has attached itself to our IE. Grrrrr... Stupid adware.

Chai: This afternoon, when I got off at the bus stop at my house, I bought a large, iced chai from the Starbuck's that in the Randall's grocery store. That stuff is good! I like it either hot or chilled; yummy stuff!

Babbling: I'm sitting here, blathering nonsense at you, so I suppose I should go to bed, now. Good night!

Oooh! Going to bed before 11pm. It's a miracle! The dishes are even washed--ready to come out of the dishwasher, even! Too, too scary.

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