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The Work Strategy Collapses

Well, the strategy I came up with yesterday for typing for seven hours straight, then proofreading the last hour of the day will have to go by the wayside. I tried it today, and I can't do it. Part of proofreading your work requires that you remember it and be able to go back and listen to things over again, if you need to. Once I'm finished with a job, I don't know how to retrieve it. My boss can, but I can't be continually asking her to retrieve jobs for me. I need to do my proofreading immediately after I finish a piece.

Proofreading is going to eat up typing time. And typing (accurately) is what will keep me employed. Accuracy is vital. But I would really like to be faster at it, more certain of the words I hear, so I don't have to go back and constantly replay the same four seconds of dictation, to make sure I've interpreted it correctly.

I hope it's just a learning curve that I will work my way past. I pray that it just takes a lot of practice. And I wish I could simply stay at work until I've typed my 875 lines for the day. Time to duck down and get to work.

In some ways, it is easier. I'm learning the voice of Dr. 167 (Degas), who speeks very quietly, even when you turn the player volume to its maximum. He also has the habit of rushing through words and phrases he says a lot. I have finally learned that the unintelligble mumble he says is, "Liver, abdomen, and spleen impalpable, with no rigidity or tenderness. Heart--no murmurs, thrills, or gallops." It still sounds mostly like a mumble, but I now know what it is, which helps.

Suse--No nurses here, just us transcriptionists. I work at a place called the Lighthouse of Houston, which is a facility that works with the visually and hearing impaired of all manner and description. About 13 years ago, they convinced the national Veterans' Administration here in the States that blind people could do medical transcription, and they got various contracts with them to do the work. Apparently, I'm working on an account for a VA hospital in Boise, Idaho.

We might be having a houseguest, soon. Looking forward to the idea, though I'm godawful sorry about the circumstances which are making it needful.

The final game between the Astros and the Cardinals is tonight, I think. *goes back to biting fingernails* GO, 'STROS!!!!!!

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