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Home from Work

I am tuckered out! Getting up at 5am and staying up until 11pm the night before, to watch Crossing Jordan is catching up with me. I was fine at work today, because I was very involved in it. But once I headed out to the bus stop after work, the fatigue hit. Zzzzz. I'd like to take a nap now, but I'd rather wait until I go to bed, so I'll sleep the whole night through. I might go to bed about 9:30 tonight, though.

And yes, Crossing Jordan was worth it! (g)

According to the lady in Personnel, it's likely that I will be hired once I complete the OJT, though she can make no guarantees. I know the office can use another transcriptionist, though, so I'm hopeful. However, I'll have to type 875 lines/day to equal what I was earning on my last job. The other transcriptionists who work there tell me that 700 lines/day is very good. Yikes! :P

I'm so tired, I haven't tried to find out what the current baseball score is. The last I knew, we were in extra innings, tied with the Cardinals. *bites fingernails*

Zonk...thud! Zzzzzz....

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