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O'Reilly Harrassment Case--or, You Cannot Be Serious!

O-kayyyyy...A female producer at Fox News has filed a lawsuit claiming sexual harrassment by Bill O'Reilly, also of the Fox News Channel, who hosts a nightly commentary show called The O'Reilly Factor. The woman wants--get this--$60 million in damages!

What in God's name did he say to her? I don't think I would expect $60 million, even for something loaded with sexual references and profanity. I think I'd just slap the guy, if he said that to me. Okay, it might take me a day or two to get over being completely stunned, before I slapped such a guy, but still....

O'Reilly is pugnacious and dogged, but I really can't imagine him doing or saying anything so offensive as to warrant needing any more reparation than a sincere apology. *shakes head in amazement*

I feel that this is a publicity stunt of some kind. This woman could have filed a complaint with Fox News as their mutual employer--which is probably what she should have done, unless the incident did not occur at the workplace. There's absolutely no reason for her to pull nonsense like this.

In my opinion, it makes women look bad, when some of us do things like this. The damages amount she's asking for is what I would expect a court to award the victim of a stalker or rapist.

I will be interested to hear both sides of the story.

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