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HP Pairings Meme

Yanked from gmonkey42:

Rate the pairings from 1 (not even in your worst nightmares) to 5 stars (utterly perfect!), then add three more to the bottom of the list.

Draco/Ginny *
Draco/Hermione *
Draco/Pansy ***
Dumbledore/McGonagall *
Harry/Draco *
Harry/Ginny ***
Harry/Hermione ****
Harry/Lucius *
Harry/Neville *
Harry/Tom *
Hermione/Ginny **
Hermione/McGonagall *
Hermione/Pansy *
Lavender/Parvati ***
Lily/Narcissa *
Lily/James *****
Lucius/Narcissa *****
McGonagall/Trelawney *
Remus/Tonks ****
Riddle/Lucius *****
Riddle/McGonagall * <-- She would so whup his ass! I'm not sure how, but she would.)
Ron/Draco *
Ron/Hermione *****
Sirius/Remus *
Snape/Draco *
Snape/Hagrid ***
Snape/Harry *
Snape/Hermione *
Snape/Lucius *
Snape/Lupin *
Tom/Ginny *
Harry/Zacharias *
Luna/Neville ***** <-- I love this one!
Snape/Sirius *

And my three are:

Snape/Padma ***
Snape/McGonagall ***** hp_snape is so gonna kill me...
Hagrid/Grubbly-Plank ****
Also, Millicent/Draco ***** because dracobella and mboly convinced me! :D

And...Barbie and Ken as Galadriel and Legolas!

April Masters, where are you?! I've heard there's an Arwen and Aragorn pair, too!

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