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GMonkey42 is Evil--and I Love Her for It!

gmonkey42 has decided to write a Potterverse story. I saw two of the characters she wants to include in it, and Evil Plot Ideas came into my head. So--What if Dumbledore required Professors Snape and Hagrid to work together on some Phoenix Order-related project during the summer?

No, I am not going to slash Hagrid and Snape. Eww. Go wash your brain out with detergent.

I've never written a Potter fanfiction story before, unless you count my work in sphogwarts. I'd love to see if I could do this and make it work.

Tonight's Movie: Mark and I saw The Face of Evil this evening with our friend Donna. It's based on a book called Reagan's War. It was pretty good, a documentary on Reagan's handling of the Cold War. Best humorous line--"Isn't detente what the farmer has with the turkey until Thanksgiving Day?"

There were many other noteworthy things Reagan said (from newsreels of past speeches). I wish I could remember them all, so I could write them down. They were words of wisdom worth keeping. Strange to think that, when I was in high school, I couldn't stand him. I particularly liked some of the things he said in his 1964 speech for Barry Goldwater.

After the movie, Mark and I ate dinner at Skewer's, a Middle Eastern restaurant next to the movie theater. I had a plate of tabouli salad and a spinach pita, and Mark had a beef gyro sandwicch. I drank rosewater for the first time and liked it very much! I had rose tea in Egypt and thought it was very tasty. This is the next best thing. The best thing, though, was baklava for dessert. (g)

The Houston Greek Festival is this weekend, too. Hurray!!!

Latest temptation: Ritz Bits with Cheese, in those convenient little Go-Pack resealable cup things. Must resist. Must...resist...

Books: I'm reading actual SF/fantasy novels! One is The Hob's Bargain by an author whose name I can't remember and Zandru's Forge by Deborah Brown, with Marion Zimmer Bradley's name on it. It's nice getting to read about Darkover during its heyday, when their tech level was almost as high as the Terrans' in the later books. This book is about Varzil the Good, which is very neat! Most amazing of all, it's not a medical book!

Mmmm...My friend crackferret knows someone who makes homemade chai truffles. *drool* Chai is good stuff.

Second Presidential Debate: Overall, I think Bush did a lot better, this time around. I particularly liked the fact that he stood up for the members of the Iraq War coalition when Kerry said we were standing alone.

In my opinion, Kerry dodged several questions without giving the questioners a satisfactory response. On at least one occasion, had I been the questioner, I'd have called him on it or told him outright, "You didn't answer my question. I got very tired of hearing him say, "I have a plan." and "I would do it better." without giving any specifics, at all. If blithe statements like that are all he's going to give me as pressing reasons to vote for him, then he's not giving me much. "Go visit my website." doesn't cut it. What if I didn't have Internet access?

I thought Bush avoided this most of the time, except for the final question. Someone asked him to name three mistakes he had made during his time in office. Bush turned his response back on the questioner, saying that he thought the question was a mask to get him to say something regarding the war in Iraq. I thought that was an unusually skillful dodge, for him; I certainly didn't expect it. Unfortunately, it didn't answer the woman's question, either, and that was dissatisfying. He sort of answered her question, saying he made mistakes in appointing certain people to certain positions, but if the lady really had wanted to learn of three mistakes Bush thought he had made, so she could learn more of his character, then I don't think he did well with his response. This is despite the fact, that, if you answer a question like that straightforwardly in a job interview, most interviewers will use that as an excuse to not hire you. So...Damned if you do; damned if you don't.

I am sleepy, yet my mood is bouncy. Is that strange, or what?

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