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A Trip Downtown and Bafflement of the Week

Please welcome baka_kit and cavaticat to my journal. Fellow writers--Yea!!!

Snagged from cpsings4him:

Your beauty is plain but you completely make up for
it in a pleasant personality. You may not be
the supermodel in the magazine or the woman
with unusual hair, but you have a great way of
making people feel at home and comfortable.
Because of the normality of your looks, people
feel like they can talk to you easier or ask
for help without feeling as embarassed. Your
personality is easy going and can be
represented by a warm smile. People like how
undemanding you are and you're great at keeping
secrets. (If you can't see the pics, go to my
homepage and look near the bottom and find your

What kind of Beauty should you have? (girl) (PICS)
Brought to you by Quizilla

Nicked from baka_kit.

Like this was any surprise. However, I didn't care for the quiz' answers, so my real answers are below:

1. Someone offers you tofu brownies. You say:

"Thank you so much; I love tofu! Here are some homemade chocolate chip cookies in return."

2. Social security:

Probably won't be solvent when I need it. It's only supposed to supplement your savings, anyway, not be your entire income.

3. I'd get my news about a terrorist attack from:

Fox News. And what is this nonsense in the question, about the Internet not spreading information quickly enough? What cave has the author of this quiz been living in?

4. Gun control:

Is needed in moderation. Should not be an absolute. Possession of a firearm by someone who is trained and comfortable in its use does deter some crimes.

5. Your nephew is born with cerebral palsy you:

Well, having good friends with cerebral palsy, I'd tell his parents how to get government aid and rehabilitation devices. Suing the doctor would be a waste of time. The doctor is not the problem.

6. Death penalty:

I'm for it in certain cases. I have worked with too many real criminals and seen way too many horrifying episodes of Cold Case Files to not support it.

7. Who annoys you the most:

Charlie Rangel, Susan Estridge, Eleanor Clift, and John Conyers. However, I've known Susan to say things I considered intelligent, so I like her; it's just that her voice is very hard to listen to.

8. When it comes to fighting terrorism, you'd rather:

Be helping out in Afghanistan and Iraq, but I can't see well enough to join the military, and I'm too old to, besides.

9. You're more likely to read:

Archaeology Magazine or Any Medical Book

10. Gay marriage:

I am totally for it! Marriage is love.

11. Did you ever call 'French fries' 'freedom fries?'

Hell no! Puh-leeze. There are limits to my mindless dogmatism. I just eat fries, no matter what they're called.

You Should Vote For Bush

George Bush

(You May Want to Hide This From Your Left-y Blogger Friends)

I now have two FBI cards with my fingerprints on them. The Houston Police Department (HPD) building is on the next street west and just south of Foley's, so it's easy to find, once you learn where it is.

I have now been to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. I passed the blasted store three times while looking for HPD, and on the third time, I surrendered and had a chocolate iced, cream-filled doughnut. Yummy! Then I went to Slainte for lunch and had a couple of shandies and their beer-battered chicken tenderloins...Delicious! The chicken in those things is positively succulent--so tender and moist that, if there were bones in it, the chicken would be falling off of them. So good!

Another good part to the day--I explored more of the downtown tunnel system that I had never been in before. There's a Luther's Barbecue in the tunnel system, now, and a credit union that only charges $1.25 to use their ATM.

Travis Street is all torn up. I don't know what the heck they're doing up and down it, but as far as I could see, there were piles of dirt and bundles of planks. It's almost as bad as Main Street was last year, before they finished building the light rail system. Bleah.

Political Nonsense: I can't even call this an Outrage of the Week, because I am far more baffled than outraged. I don't understand the hatred that some people apparently feel for Bush and Cheney.

When someone destroys the Bush/Cheney sign of a neighbor and then burns a swastika in that neighbor's yard, that implies hatred (and stupidity, and rudeness) to me, and I call it like I see it. There may very well be people doing the same to neighbors with Kerry/Edwards signs in their yards, but I haven't heard about that yet. I'm sure it happens, though--what's stupid for the goose is stupid for the gander.

I don't have a problem with disagreement. Plenty of my friends support Kerry and Edwards, and these friends are good people. I love them dearly, and I will continue loving them, no matter who wins the 2004 presidential election. I hope they feel the same toward me, regardless of our preferred candidates.

But I really don't understand the hatred, rudeness, and complete contempt of some of the people I have seen, particularly on LJ. Cripes, people, I know we have freedom of speech to criticize the government, but when did that give us the right to be assholes about it? I don't see this in journals, themselves; I mainly see it in comments left in others' journals--just rude stuff.

Oh well, it'll all be over in less than a month, thank God--at least, it had better be. I really don't want a repeat of last election. That was, to say the least, tiresome. I hope it can be decided, one way or the other, on November 2--because I'm really tired of putting up with this nonsense, and I'm sure many other people are, too, no matter who they support.

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