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I got some writing done, today: 1,373 words. That's a good feeling. I'm going to see how long I can keep it up. Since it appears I'll be working in November, I'll have to write for Nanowrimo in the evenings, unless I wind up doing part-time work for NTI then. Eeek.

After further consultation with the DARS office, it appears that the medical transcription OJT will actually last for three months, at the end of which, they and the folks at the Lighthouse will conduct a staffing to determine how well I am doing. Ironically, if I am doing well, the OJT will end after three months; if it seems that I need more training, then it will continue for another three months. :P First time I've ever heard of good job performance leading to getting laid off, instead of kept on. However, since DARS is paying for it, they have final say, and they would naturally rather spend three months' worth of money than six.

So I'm going to work in telecommunications with NTI if I get through all four stages of their interview process. That way, if I am not asked to stay on at the end of the OJT, I'll at least have some part-time work to fall back on.

And I can afford to give semi-decent Christmas presents, this year. Yea!

The training will start no earlier than Oct. 11, so I still have time to do some things I'd like to get done before starting work. I can do one more day's worth of volunteering at the women's shelter, and I'm going to see if I can find ways to help them during the OJT. I can't do office work during the weekends, but I can at least go to local grocery stores and see if they're willing to donate to the place, and maybe the Dollar Tree would consider donating, as well. Might also talk to the folks at Radio Shack or Verizon and see if they have any spare cell phones which could be donated and programmed to call only 911. There's a women's shelter down in Clear Lake, I think, that offers its clients that.

Other than this, not much going on. I need to make some decisions regarding RPG commitments. If I am accepted with NTI and start working for them part-time while doing the OJT full-time, I'm likely to be too busy to game for three months. In fact, Nano might have to be done during lunch. Erm.

While in The Dollar Tree today, I bought several angels--some to keep, and some to give as Christmas gifts. I also found a couple of 108-page spiral notebooks. I think they were supposed to say 180, but the covers were misprinted, and I'm pretty sure the notebooks in fact contain only about 120 pages. Still, very funny. I also bought two boxes of Christmas cards for a dollar each. I love that place!

Tomorrow is my parents' 44th wedding anniversary. I am so happy for them! They've been through some very rough times, but they stuck together through them, and I am very, very thankful for that.

"The only creatures of value on this Earth are those with a commitment and those who require the commitment of others." --John Adams

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