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Spiral Herb Bread Recipe Notes

Bread Recipe Notes

I saw this on Youtube and can’t find the video again. Wahhh! It had foreign-language captions with a lot of commenters from Russia and Argentina. Note: Ingredient measurements are approximate—my best guess at remembering what I saw. I'm saving the recipe notes here so that I can have a record of the technique, even if the ingredient measurements are off.

Pour 1.5 cups of water into a bowl. Add one egg. Break the yolk and mix well in the water. Add 1.5 cups of flour. Form this into a ball of dough. Lengthen it into a tube of dough and cut into eight sections. Form each section into a ball.

Roll each ball into a thin pancake. Brush with melted butter/olive oil.

Lay one round on a flat surface, butter side up. Sprinkle parsley and chives on top of the round. Lay another round on top of it, butter side down. Press the rounds together, then cut the combined round into strips. Roll the first strip up into a tight spiral. When done, place it on top of the second strip, and roll the second strip onto the first. Repeat with the remaining strips. When done, press/roll this thing into a thick round and set aside. Repeat so that you have four such herb-filled rounds.

Cook in oil over medium heat on griddle for 1-1.5 min. on each side. When done, the finished bread should pull apart the way croissants do.
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