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Aerden [userpic]
A Fondness for Icons

Do you ever get fond of icons used by people on your friends list? Every once in a while, a friend of mine will have an icon that I start to think of, whenever I think of that person. With crackferret, it was her black and white ferret picture--it was so cute! With snowelf, it was a blue-shaded picture of a girl that I imagined was what Snowelf really looks like, though I'm sure that's not so. With nixnivis, it's all of her 'brain in a jar' icons; with morsefan, it's her icon of the elderly gentleman. With cpsingsforhim, it's her Elijah Wood icon. And with caersidi, it's her icon made from John Williams Waterhouse's painting The Crystal Ball. There are lots of others, but that's enough to give you the idea.

Somehow, I come to associate particular icons more strongly with the people behind them than others. For qos, for example, the icon of the woman holding the sword is it, quintessentially her. For shusu, it's her red one. Both of these people have various other icons, but those are the ones I most strongly associate with those two people.

Does anyone else experience this phenomenon? Do you have favorites among your friends' icons, and do you miss them when they're gone and wish you'd copied the graphic?

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Thanks for the mention! I love that particular icon, and like the fact that people have told me that it does become part of how they think about me.

amqu uses a photo of Billie Holiday as her icon, and that's how I picture her. I clicked on the user info of archyena because of his smiling hyena icon, and that's what I associate with him -- but most of my folks on my friends list use such a variety of icons that I've never established one as "who they are." The one exception would be shellefly who changes her primary icon every few months, but they are so vivid, and she uses them so frequently, each in turn becomes my image of her.

A couple of my friends, gothic_coop and _storyteller_ use single icons that I simple can not identify with them.

Yes, loads of the time, people have icons that sum them up in so many ways. Suse, par example, just couldn't have pixelised text on any of her icons. It's not her.

I love Viv's death icons. They rock.

I loved the music icons you had for Seth. I wish I could find a music icon which worked for me. Ah well...

I should tell you the story of this icon -- it's actually John Thaw, who plays the character Inspector Morse on the British detective series, inspired by the Colin Dexter novels. In that picture if you could see the full thing I cut from is his vintage red Jag and he's standing outside an Oxford college, the one he attended but from which he did not receive a degree. So, you can probably also see where "morsefan" comes from!

I'll definitely keep him; in fact, even though I'm using the pic of me more often, he's remaining the "default." He and the username, etc. all go together!

I'm not surprised. I associate shusu with Shusu as well. The red is an anthurium for the subject matter; the woman is Benten, goddess of music and fine arts -- granter of desires and dragon / serpent. Her persona comes naturally to me now... and though the icon is layered and lovely, she's only an icon. It may seem more accurate because that's all and everything she is.