Aerden (aerden) wrote,

(Rant): On the Current Disgrace of an Election-2020

Someone wondered if, having lost the election and having had to endure unrelenting opposition for four years, President Trump wished he had never run for office. Here's my reply. I went a bit off the rails, so I deleted the 'off the rails' stuff from my answer, as it wasn't relevant to the question.

A: Not at all. He wouldn’t have fought so hard to win the just-past election if he wished he had never run for president. You saw him. He fought hard for every vote.

* * *

Or perhaps you didn't see him, depending upon which news service you watch.

And you know what? I was willing, though dubious, to accept that maybe a lot of Republicans voted straight-party ballots for every candidate but Trump. I thought maybe they were just sick of the tweets. Yes, I was that naïve, that trusting, that unwilling to believe that an entire election could be stolen by cheaters. I shouldn't have been so naïve, as voter fraud of that sort by Lyndon Baines Johnson enabled John F. Kennedy to win Texas in 1960.

But after listening to the sworn affidavits of people from Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, who have videotape, in some cases, of fraud taking place, I am enraged at the amount of blatant voter fraud that went on, and I hope to Hell that Trump keeps on fighting, because this nonsense is despicable and should not be tolerated. I am a poll worker in my state, sworn to uphold the integrity of the election, and this is a disgrace. I am not just mindlessly repeating empty words when I swear that oath. I am actually swearing it. I mean every word.

I am not willing to take this anymore. I don’t understand why we (all honorable citizens of any US political party) are not more up in arms about this—except that maybe we saner folk are sick to death of all the rioting by BLM and Antifa and don’t want to contribute to it—for which I don’t blame anyone. I do understand that; I don't want to riot, either. But I am still very angry at this and at the arrogance of people who tell me I should shut up and suck it up, that Biden won, and I should get over it. I do want to do something. I want to see true justice done.

Again, had I believed that Joe Biden legitimately won, I would feel no resentment at all; the system would have worked as it should. But I no longer believe his "win" was legitimate. He might become President, but as far as I am concerned, he will just be a guy sitting behind the desk. I won't accept him as the legitimately-elected President of the United States. Lip service is all he will ever get from me unless he wins in 2024 legitimately.

I am done with this bullshit. Let the dice fly. Let the chips fall where they may.
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