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Why Nancy Pelosi Dissed Her Own Hair Salon

Today, while working from my home office in the living room, I overheard the news, which was playing a snippet of Nancy Pelosi complaining that she was 'guilty of falling for a set-up' involving her hair salon--for which she blamed the salon.

I went into the den and said to Mark, "She's dissing her own hair salon?! No woman in her right mind does that!"

So Mark explained to me what was going on. Pelosi's congressional district is in San Francisco, where all of the hair salons have been closed (I think) since March. Pelosi, however, persuaded her salon to open especially for her so that she could get her hair done.

After her appointment, someone at the salon apparently sent the security camera footage to Fox News. Whether the person sent it anywhere else, I don't know. Fox is, so far, the only news outlet that has reported on the incident and shown the footage, as far as I'm aware.

I can see why someone at the salon did it. They were acting in solidarity with all of San Francisco's other hair salons, which, like Pelosi's salon, have all been closed since March. I admit to feeling some schadenfreude at Pelosi having egg on her face for this, but I can't find it in myself to fault her salon.

Pelosi was being an entitled hypocrite, expecting favors to be done for her that others, even her own constituents, weren't allowed to receive. She was exploiting Privilege, and this was her salon's way of calling her out on it. Her salon staff are probably liberal to the hilt, but I respect them. They at least have a clear understanding of what is fair and what isn't.

This is the same pattern as having the refrigerator full of designer ice cream during California electricity shortages. Pelosi wants the hoi-polloi to follow rules that she isn't willing to follow, herself.
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