Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Exercising - 06/29/2020

I've begun my exercise regimen that is meant to get me to the point where I can successfully do the Stand-Sit test by September. I am beginning to think it might take a bit longer for me to get into that kind of shape.

I watched a demonstration of the correct technique for doing the test, and the first part of it requires the person to stand with legs crossed. I reasoned that I ought to see how well I could do that, so I tried it yesterday.

Serious wobbliness. Much calf trembling, much touching of nearby walls and counters to keep from falling over. Oddly, it went somewhat better the second time I did it yesterday, and the one time I've done reps today--but I need to do a lot more work, every day.

I've begun doing leg lifts from the supine position. I will start doing lateral leg lifts, as well, and contralateral limb lifts. Starting August 1, I will attempt the gluteus activations.
Tags: exercise, my life

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