Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Disappointed (Grand Chapter 2020)

I was half-expecting that this year's Grand Chapter in Waco would be canceled, but I was also really hoping it would still take place. It is definitely canceled, though, as WGM Linda Winn Christensen posted on her Facebook page.

I was looking forward to staying in the "con hotel" for once and getting to relax, as I won't be a Worthy Matron this year; I'd have just been going for fun. I wouldn't even have needed to vote unless I wanted to.

I do understand why they had to cancel. Every time people congregate we hear news reports of a spike in coronavirus patients landing in the hospital. OES has a lot of elderly people with underlying health conditions among its membership. I am not selfish enough to want to risk them becoming ill, even though I would like a little "vacation" and time away from home. I still might do that, but it will be on a very small scale.

They might reschedule Grand Chapter, perhaps in October, but I'll be very surprised if that happens. I guess I will just save my money for next year. I've received my chapter pins and have ordered my special committee dress and Bag of Books. That's all I really need.

This is making me wonder if we will still be able to hold our OIS statewide conference in person this year.
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