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Tuesday Update

A big thank you to amqu for providing a link to the text of Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi's speech before Congress. And welcome to my friends list!

Wow, the sky is blue, outside, clear, crystal blue!

I'm off to the women's shelter in a few minutes, where I'll be until 4pm or thereabouts, today. I hope I don't have to spend the entire day calling churches. Most of them are small churches whose offices aren't open, and I keep having to leave messages. Still, if it helps us develop a donor base, that would be good.

I went back to the_bards, to see if there had been any activity over there since I left; I was thinking of rejoining. No such luck. The last post is still my own, from January 1 of this year. There's no point in joining a poetry critiue community, when no one is around to critique the poetry. Maybe I'll decide to be a masochist again and resubmit to poetryslamming. Some of those people are very rude, though, so I might look somewhere else, instead.

Or I could go to musewriters, which I have been horribly neglectful of, and didn't mention first because I feel so guilty for neglecting it...It's probably long dead and buried.

It is very irritating to me that I seem to work in bursts--I'll do a lot of work on a project for a short period of time, then I find I need to do something else, and I'll let a project fall by the wayside. It's not a very disciplined way to work. There are so many things I want to do and should be doing, though--poetry, art, novels, job-hunt...Argh.

Time for me to go to the bus stop. Bye!

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