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Raven! :D

*fangirl moment*

I forgot to mention--I got to see the pilot episode of Raven last Thursday. The way shusu is about her 'toons is the way I am about Raven; I love the show! It was only on during 1991-92, which has always puzzled me. Gorgeous-looking, personable man with a past in Black Ops, who knows how to do martial arts and kendo, Lee Majors as his best friend, a Ninja-like clan after him, interesting plots...It should have had as much going for it as Highlander, at least.

Jeffrey Meek, the star of the show, appeared in an episode of Hercules and as a regular in Mortal Kombat Conquest. I hope he's still finding work, because I really do enjoy the things I've seen him in.

Fun thing about the Raven pilot was the classic scene with Lee Majors' character demonstrating how to fight off a ninja if you aren't one yourself: Have several firearms on your person. (g) Probably not realistic--firearms are heavy--but it sure was fun to watch.

*/fangirl moment*

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