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Bleah...I've got a headache, and it's not even my period one. I've been sleepy all day; wanted to doze off at my grandparents, when Mark and I brought over the magnifiers for my Grandma. She seemed to like them very much, and I hope they will help her be able to read things more easily.

I got to talk with padfoot_uk and chipperazzi today. Azreen and I discussed the Wonderfulness of scrambled eggs and toast prepared by Mom. No one else's is good enough--and the evilness of fruit in oatmeal. I don't understand the fruit in oatmeal thing, myself. But I do like brown sugar and cinnamon in it.

*Hugs* to everyone on my friends list and to people I get to chat with. I'm not as effusive as others might be, but I love you all and am grateful for your friendship. It's one of the joys of my life. :)

I did some writing today, but not enough to satisfy me. I'll do some more tomorrow; I hope I won't feel so sleepy.

Dead Like Me was great, as usual. Looks like George's mother is going out with Angelo! I hope it will work out between them, but I'm worried that he's too much of a free-spirit for her; she's so very regimented. Reggie seems to like him, though, which is great! It's always nice to see her smile.

My thoughts are with all of you living in Florida and wherever Hurricane Jeanne decides to go. Florida has really been whipped, this summer. Reminds me of one year when there were six hurricanes all developing in a row like a string of pearls off the west coast of Africa--near the occipital lobe. Most amazing weather phenomenon I had ever seen. So there must be something out in the mid-Atlantic that is generating them.

New discovery for the day: pineapple meringue pie. My Grandma made one, and it was delicious! Usually, I don't care for meringue pies, but this one was quite good! Grandma knows how to make meringue so it's lifht and fluffy.

Today's sermon at church, delivered by the wonderful Rev. J. D. Phillips: "Be Careful What You Pray For." He told the story of a football team at a Baptist university whose players always prayed before each game for the better team to win. Unfortunately, their team wasn't good enough to impress God. (g) Really, though, the sermon was about knowing what you're praying for and why you're praying for it and realizing that sometimes, God's answer is "no." I enjoyed it very much. Westbury UMC in Houston is a great church.

I've ordered an LJ Mindmap, but I'm waiting until after the election to make a donation to the guy's site. Looks pretty fascinating! I've joined mcfnord's weblogsociology community.

Must. Go. To. Sleep. Zzzzzz...

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