Punch Recipe


A simple, clear, glass punch bowl containing a matching ladle, orange-colored punch, and eight orange slices floating on the surface of the punch. To the right of the bowl are four filled punch cups, set out on a curve in line with the shape of the bowl. All of this is arranged on a white tablecloth. Image and recipe courtesy of Southern


  • 46 ounce can Pineapple Juice
  • 2 Liter Sprite Zero*
  • 2 Cups Splenda or Sugar
  • 2 packages flavored drink mix (such as Kool Aid)


  1. In punchbowl, pour pineapple juice. Add drink mix and sugar/Splenda. Stir until dissolved. Pour in Sprite and serve.

*Can use 7-up, Ginger Ale, or other clear carbonated beverage of your choice.


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