Aerden (aerden) wrote,

ReMarkable and Iskn ... and eBeam Smartpen

Prices for Digital Drawing Tablets

So...ReMarkable or Iskn Slate?

ReMarkable: $599.00 as of 12/18/2017. $499.00 as of 03/21/2018.
Iskn Slate 2+: $179.00 or Christmas Pack for $229.00 as of 12/18/2017

My issue with the ReMarkable is the price. My issue with the Slate 2+ is that there are a lot of doodads that have to go with it. The price, however, is awesome.

Edit (03/21/2018): I decided to go with an eBeam Smartpen, instead, which I found on Indiegogo for $77.00, not counting tax and shipping. From what I've read, it will do everything I've been needing for a smartpen to do. Now just waiting for it to get here. And then, by God, no more excuses. I can write anywhere, so I had better.
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