Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Handmade Pen Makers

I am a huge fan of handmade wooden pens. I've bought from several craftsmen, and I want to keep a list of them here on my LiveJournal so that I can find them and buy from them again when I can.

  • Joel Lockridge - He makes pens from ancient bog oak (I own one!) and bourbon barrels. I just plain like the guy.
  • Christopher Owens - Works out of Michigan. He always did woodworking, but he took it up in earnest as a way to fight alcoholism after his wife died. I absolutely support anyone who is striving to fight off that destructive addiction. The man has my support.
  • DN Woodcrafters - I found them on Etsy and like their work. They are two brothers, Dick and Nathaniel.
  • McCutch Woodworks - I bought an ebony pen from them on Etsy.


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